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Resources for Teachers and Educators

The Wilton Public and Gregg Free Library supports teachers and educators. Teachers may sign-up for a Library Card if they teach at any of the schools in Wilton, even if they are not a resident. We enjoy working closely with teachers to give the best support possible. There are many services available to schools.

Menu of School Services

Describes all the ways the library can support you. Looking for something not on this list? Just ask!

School Project Fax Form
Let us know what you will be studying so we can have all the resources your students will need.

Student Project Sheet
Send your students to the library with one of these forms. This way if we don't have what they need you'll know they tried to get the information they need and why they were unsuccessful.

Have questions? Please email Allison Steele, Youth Services Librarian, with any questions or concerns.