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Familysearch  - a free genealogy search engine. Records span billions of names across hundreds of collections—including birth, marriage, death, probate, land, military, IGI extracted, and more.

We have access to Ancestry Library Edition.  It is available on all the public computers in the Library. Simply login with your library card and navigate to the bottom of our catalog page.

Now you can search the entire U.S. Federal Census collection at, including the images of the original documents!

The U.S. Census collection spans 1790 - 1940. It is the most comprehensive and credible family history data available online, and most Americans have a friend or family member from generations past recorded:

When you find a census record for one of your ancestors, you can see the original image as a member of

Depending on the census year, records can help you discover:
--Distant relatives you may not have even known about
--The ages, occupations, and household members for your ancestors
--Interesting details about what your family may have been doing or where they were living

The 1940 census was recently released and is the largest U.S. census collection ever published on the web. is the proud development partner of the National Archives & Records Administration in bringing this priceless gem of history online and available to the public.
Explore the entire U.S. census collection today and see what you can discover about your ancestors!

Happy family tree building!
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