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Use of the Wilton Public & Gregg Free Library Meeting Room


The public meeting rooms of the library are available to educational, cultural, and other groups based in Wilton or substantially serving the town.  Organizations agreeing to the terms outlined below are welcome to meet in this room whenever it is not being used for library programs or by library organizations.

Use of the meeting room when the Library is closed will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  The groups which have the privilege of using the library after hours will be responsible for closing the building and for the return of the library key.

All requests for room use must be approved by the director or by a member of the Board of Trustees.
Rules for Use
  1. Meeting rooms may be used by non-profit organizations only
  2. Maximum occupancy is twenty (20) people.
  3. Youth groups must have an adult sponsor and one adult in attendance for every fifteen (15) young people. The adult is responsible for supervising all attendees.
  4. Non-local organizations must be sponsored by a Wilton member of the organization.
  5. All meetings must be free and open to the public.
  6. Only light refreshments may be served; no cooking (except coffeepot) is allowed
  7. No smoking is allowed in the library.
  8. Users of the meeting room are responsible for leaving the room in the condition in which they found it.  Restoration or repair of any damages is expected. 
  9. No ironing and no glue guns,
  10. Usual library rules regarding quiet spaces apply.
Application for Use
  1. Applications will be accepted in order of receipt.  Library programs will have priority.   Wilton based groups will have next priority. 
  2. Application must be made to the Library Director by an adult in writing on the approved form. Please use this form