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Date: 10/20/2020
Time: 4:00 PM -
Title: DNA for the Overwhelmed: The Easiest Ways to Use DNA to Enhance Your Research
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Description: We will be meeting Via Zoom but with permission from our speaker, this meeting will be recorded and be made available until the end of October.

"The test kit was on sale. I bought one. I dutifully deposited my saliva in the plastic tube and mailed it in. Now, a few weeks later the results are in: haplotypes and eth-nicity estimates, something about earwax type and whether I like the taste of cilantro, and a giant list of 537 people who, apparently, are my kinfolk. It is all a bit overwhelming."
In this workshop we’ll break it all down and try to cut through the noise. We’ll discuss what a DNA test really is, and how it can help with our genealogy. We'll discuss how DNA is passed down from generation to generation. We’ll then review the types of genealogical questions which can be resolved with evidence from DNA testing, breaking it down into easy recipes. Finally, we’ll talk about the value of DNA testing for finding distant (but not too distant) cousins who might have family photographs, letters, or other heirlooms.
Robert Cameron Weir is a professional genealogist in Dover, New Hampshire who specializes in early New England research. He has a certificate in Genealogical Re-search from Boston University’s Center for Professional Education and is a mem-ber of the Association for Professional Genealogists.
Sponsored by the Friends of the Meredith Library.
Genealogy Club
Via Zoom
Please email erin@meredithlibrary.org for an invitation to this presentation.
Free and open to the Public.

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