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Your Account
Making the most of your library account
Once you have a library card, you have an account that you can access online through our online catalog.

Use your online account to:

Renew your materials
Place reserves
Let us know when you'll be away - so you won't lose your place on the reserve list if you can't pick something up
Make purchase requests
Make Inter-Library Loan requests
Choose to be placed on an automatic reserve list for your favorite author's new publications

  You will need to enter a user name and password to log in to your account.  Use your library card number as your user name, and your telephone number as your password.  Do include the hyphen in your telephone number.  Remember, the telephone number must be the one in your account information or it will not work.

Your library card number is very long.  You do not have to enter all the digits.  Use the digits circles as below.

Click below to get started!

Go to my library account online.