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The next meeting of the Friends of the Library will be on Thursday Feb. 3rd at 4:15 at the library.

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The Friends of the Wilton Library

The Friends of the Wilton Library is a volunteer organization to further community awareness of the functions, resources, services and needs of the library, and to foster interaction between our library and the residents of Wilton. It provides a source of volunteers to help the Director and her staff in many different capacities and funding for special items that are not in the operating budget.

If you want to receive emails about our events, please leave your email address at the circulation desk.  We do not share email addresses.

The F.O.L. sponsor lectures by scholars from the New Hampshire Humanities Council.  Check the library calendar for dates.

Please consider making a donation so we have the resources to continue to support items that are not in the library budget with the town.  Please make checks payable to the FRIENDS OF THE WILTON PUBLIC LIBRARY.  Thank you so much for your consideration!

Contact the Friends at:

Interested in Becoming a Friend of the Library ?

Click here to download an application form to be a Friend of the Library.
Return to the circulation desk or drop in the mail.
Planning a Museum Trip Soon?

Why not let the Friends sponsor your trip to one of the many wonderful museums New England has to offer? We reimburse up to $20 per family!  That’s right: visit any museum in New England and we’ll reimburse your admission fee up to $20 per family per year.  Save your receipt and fill out the request form near the circulation desk.  It’s as simple as that!
Cookies and Books

The Friends of the Library and some wonderful volunteers bake cookies year round for sale at the circulation desk.  Additionally we have a perpetual book sale in the foyer.  Hard covers are priced at $1 and paperbacks are $0.50.  So when you enjoy our fabulous cookies or purchase or recycle a book you help the Friends sponsor a variety of activities at your Library.