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Wilton Creates

While our Rotunda is closed to patrons, we continue to enjoy and share locally made art right here in our "Digital Rotunda."

Email us at to learn more and to submit your creative projects for display.


Warrior Art
WLC Student Art in our Digital Rotunda

Florence Rideout Elementary School ART
School might be closed, but the art never stops! Enjoy a slideshow of work created at home during the outbreak by Mr. Lamers' art students at FRES. 
by Rebecca Brown


A beacon, high in the west

Guiding red-shouldered Orion 

With his star-spangled belt:

Our sister planet, named for the goddess of Love.

The truth is not so kind: She is a hellhole.


“Cold-hearted orb,” wrote the Moody Blues.

Unreachable, untouchable, she sails aloof.

The cold is only that which lies between us,

For at her heart is a killing furnace.


She glimmers unseeing on countless cataclysms,

Endless grief, stupendous stupidities,

While the warm Earth turns and turns.

She offers no solace,

Yet I find comfort in her presence. 


“There is light and high beauty forever,” wrote Tolkein.

Yes and yes again I say.

In doubt and fear and pain I reach for her,

For her eternity, her brilliance, my hope.


~Nikki Andrews


November Artist 2019 - Martha Greene


Wilton Old Home Days Rug Show
August Artists 2019

The rugs displayed are all handmade by local New Hampshire women.
Members of the Art of Rug Hooking Region 1, New Hampshire Chapter White Mountain Woolin Magic, Jeanne Bellemore from Merrimack, Ginger Searle from Amherst, Diana Proctor from Milford, and our teacher from Weare, Gail Walden.

Thank you, Diana Proctor

February Artist 2019