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Wilton Public & Gregg Free Library

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Mission Statement, Objectives, and Ethics

Mission Statement

The Wilton Public and Gregg Free Library seeks to assemble, preserve, and administer, in organized collections, books, electronic media, and related educational and recreational material in order to promote and stimulate knowledge, wisdom, culture, and pure enjoyment for all citizens.


To provide a place where inquiring minds may encounter all sides of original and critical opinions and concepts essential for the free community. To present lectures, concerts, films, or related programs from time to time, adding to the enlightenment and recreation of the community. To cooperate with the schools and school libraries wherever possible. To be alert to opportunities of cooperation with other libraries.


To adhere to all copyright laws and licensing agreements. To comply with the Library Bill of Rights. To endorse the Freedom to Read statement as adopted in 1991 by the American Library Association.

Materials & Media Policies


Art Exhibitions Policy 

Art Exhibit Guidelines and Policies Release Agreement

Circulation Policy

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Interlibrary Loan Policy

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Reference Policy

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Use & Patron Policies


Animals In The Library

Code of Conduct and Conduct in the Library and on Library Grounds 

Facilities Use Policy and  Application For Meeting Spaces

Patron Policy

Public Health Emergency Patron Behavior Policy

Public Health Emergency Unattended Children Policy

Unattended Children Policy

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