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SRP 2023

"All Together Now"

We're planning for this year's summer reading program entitled "All Together Now" which will run from mid-June through early August.  The dates, events, and prizes you can win will all be posted on our SRP Group Facebook page.  For more information about joining this invitation only group page, contact Ms. Boo at bettielueh@wiltonlibrarynh.org .  

Planning to sign up for summer reading?

Here's how you can earn an extra raffle ticket before the program begins!

Are you planning to sign up for the Summer Reading Program?  You can sign up as early as June 1,  but reading doesn't begin until Monday, June 19.  However, here's your chance to earn an extra raffle ticket!  Just download and print a copy of this 'Early Summer Reading Challenge" log sheet, and when it's complete, bring it to the library.  We'll sign you up for the program AND give you an extra raffle ticket. Email Ms. Boo with any questions:  bettielueh@wiltonlibrarynh.org  


Click here for an SRP log sheet, then get started reading today! 

Dates and Information

How do I sign up for a Summer Reading Program? Visit the library and ask a librarian, send an email to Ms. Boo at bettielueh@wiltonlibrarynh.org or call the library at (603) 654-2581. 

When can I sign up for the program?  You can sign up beginning June 1 and until the end of July. 

When does the program start?  Everyone begins reading on the same date-  June 19. 

How do I keep track of what I read? 

  • 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten- You’ll have a separate reading log! 

  • Kids-  you’ll set a weekly goal for the amount of time you want to read each week. Every time you read for 15 minutes, you’ll  put a sticker on your log sheet. At the end of the week, check in with Ms. Boo about your progress.

  • Teens- you’ll have the option to do a bingo sheet with instructions, and check-ins with Ms. Boo. 

How does the raffle work? Every time you have a check in with Ms. Boo, you’ll get a ticket.  Write your name on the ticket, and select a bin to put it in ( on display in the children’s room).  At the end of the program, we’re going to have a raffle. Ask Ms. Boo if you have questions about the raffle. 

What is a “check-in”? That’s when you check in with Ms. Boo, tell her about your progress that week, and get a raffle ticket.  It can be over email, facebook, in person, or over the phone.  She might ask you questions like- how did the reading week go?  Did you meet your goal?  What did you read that you liked?  You can have one check-in a week for a total of 8 check-ins ( and 8 raffle tickets) .

Why should I keep track of the time I spend reading? We need to report those numbers to the state.  Plus- It’s amazing to see how many minutes you can spend reading in the summer!

There is a Facebook page for The Summer Reading Program? Yes. The Summer Reading Program Facebook page is a private page that only SRP participants, library staff and library trustees  are allowed to see.  Once you are signed up for the program, Ms. Boo will send you an invitation to join.

Do I have to have a Facebook account?  No, but it helps. We’ll be communicating through facebook (some) and hosting special events and videos there.

I don’t live in Wilton.  Can I still do the program?  If you have a family member with a Wilton library card, that member can sign you up.  If you don’t have a library card, but live in Wilton, get one!  If you don’t live in Wilton, our librarians can help you find the summer reading program in your town.  

When does the program end? The last check in  will be posted from August 8th through the 12th, and the raffle will be on the 19th.  

Do you have more questions about the Summer Reading Program? Send an email to Ms. Boo at bettielueh@wiltonlibrarynh.org or call the library at (603) 654-2581. 

Summer Reading Is For Everyone!

Babies to age 5- we offer "1000 Books Before Kindergarten " for this age range.  Once you have completed the program, you can move up to the official Summer Reading Program.  Children logging in books over the summer have a chance to win raffle tickets just like the big kids! 

Kids Summer Reading- age 5 to 13 -  there are special incentives, crafts, family activities and all kinds of fun things to explore as you read to win raffle tickets throughout the summer.  

YA Summer Reading- age 14 to adult-  more activities, incentives, and challenges just for you, and the chance for prizes and gift cards from the Wilton community.

Adult Summer Reading- we don't want adults to miss out on the fun!  For more information about our adult reading program, email us at wiltonlibrarynh@gmail.com

Our Summer Reading Program is a fun way to help your child:

  • Develop positive relationships with books and reading
  • Learn about the library and feel comfortable checking out books
  • Experience, explore and feel supported by the community
  • Prevent the "summer slide" 

 Click here to read the latest Brookings Institution research on the “summer slide”