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Mileslip Forest Milford NH

June 15th 9:30

Did you know there is a state champion Big Tree in our neighboring town? Let’s go find it! The mountain laurel should be in full bloom, adding its ambiance to the hike.

Directions: From Rte. 101, take Rte. 13 south to Armory Rd. At the end of Armory Rd., turn right onto Osgood Rd., then left onto Mason Rd. At about 2.25 miles, turn left onto Mile Slip Rd. and follow it to the parking area for the Mile Slip, on the right.


Horseshoe Falls In Wilton

May 18, 9:30 am


Another special treat—a chance to visit the old swimming hole that is now on private property. We’ll meet at Wilton/Lyndeboro High School at 9:30 and follow the disc golf course, then public roads to the site. If you have
safety orange gear, please wear it. Many thanks to the landowners for allowing us onto their property.

Directions: from the Library, cross the river, pass the police station and turn right onto Burns Hill Rd. Turn
right onto School Rd. and park at the school.

For more information or to sign up, email : nikkiandrewsbooks@gmail.com or call the Library at 654-2581 by

All hikes are conditions permitting and at your own risk.
Suggested reading: The Clincher: Horseshoer Mystery Series, Book 1.